Studio Alnisa is a project dedicated to documenting and presenting female artists in their work environment. It revolves around the creation and production of a series of episodes with a selection of a number of female artists inside their studios or workspaces. Focusing on the personal stories and process that these artists encounter, the episodes will be tailored for each artist to bring out their personalities and stories in the best manner.

Episode #1:

At Dahlia’s

Dahlia Abdelilah

Studio location:
Khartoum, Sudan

Dahlia is a self taught painter and visual artist. She is also an art teacher and instructor, with her experience at Khartoum international community school. Dahlia’s work is mostly oil paintings with knives that form bold strokes and add structure to her compositions. She often explores the human body in her work.

Her studio in Khartoum is located in Mekkah st. as she shares the space with a media production agency.