Bait Alnisa celebrates its anniversary in August each year with an exhibition dedicated to female artists, titled “Into the gallery: Young Sudanese female artists pop up show”, that includes works ranging from painting, design, sculpture, photography and fashion. Into The Gallery 2021 included 23 Sudanese young visual artists and received over 700 guests in the course of 2 days. 

The exhibition aims to provide an enriching experience to the young artists participating to be able to dive into the art scene while providing them with the necessary networks and connections. It also aims to encourage their participation in exhibitions, events and boost their exposure. 

The exhibition is accompanied with a discussion panel that focuses on knowledge and expertise exchange between generations, fields and advisors in addition to highlighting the role of females in the Sudanese arts scene and their contributions to its making. 

This exhibition is initiated under The Muse multi studios and curated by Reem Aljeally.

Bringing female artists in different points in their careers into conversation, Into The Gallery Conversation discusses the journeys of three different artists: Designer Nisreen Kuku, Make up artist and photographer Sulaf Elamin and painter Rayan Khalil, reflecting on the challenges and difficulties they faced, the ups and downs and tips and advice to the younger female artists. 

Participating artists:

Abrar Ahmed

Alaa Mohammed Alatta

Asma Yagoub

Denan Hamid

Israa Alyas

Malath Qurashi

Mirramitta Botrous

Nihal Kamal

Nora Ahmed

Ola Ahmed

Razaz Saif

Reham Kamal

Ruaa Adil

Asma Siddig

Suzan Ibrahim

Zainab Saadeldin

Saba Malik

Walaa Altigani

Nisreen Abdalfadil

Guest artists:

Yasmeen Abdullah

Duha Muhammed

Elaf Badereldin

Reem Aljeally