Grab a chair with Bait Alnisa

Grab a chair is a new series highlighting and interviewing new and upcoming talents in the arts in our community and the diaspora. The series is a number of videos, features and articles tailored to their personal journeys. 

Volume 1: Tasneem Elnayal

Tasneem Elnayal @telnstudios is a Sudanese – British artist based in London,UK. Her work embodies African, Arab and Western motifs in a modern abstract sense. Elnayal’s studio practice is expressed through mediums such as paint and textiles.

As a Sudanese woman who grew up in London, much of Elnayal’s art explores belonging to multiple cultures. Elnayal uses story-telling, memory and symbolism through her work with some influences from Figurative art, modernism, abstraction and the Hurufiyya movement that was prominent in the 2nd half of the 20th century amongst Muslim artists.

Courtesy of the artist 

Volume 2: Jood Ahmed

Courtesy of the artist