Bait Alnisa is a platform dedicated to Sudanese female art from Sudan and its diaspora.

Nafisa Eltinay’s senior fashion collection inspired by Sudan, made from natural fibers with her own prints.


Grieve, Reflect: Ruba Nour captured by Musaab Emam

Bait Alnisa is a platform dedicated to Sudanese female art. It aims to showcase Sudanese female artists presenting the diversity of the type of art they produce varying from painting, illustrations, furniture, fashion design, music, poetry and so on..

Fatima Khalid photographed by Naila Osama.

Why You’ll Love Us

We showcase, support, empower and present Sudanese female artists through various ways that include:


  • Articles 
  • Interviews
  • Documentaries 
  • Exhibitions 
  • Featuring and more..

“Into the Gallery: Young Sudanese Female artists pop up show” Exhibition coverage by Nuaar Media 

Bait Alnisa is a project of The Muse multi studios. A creative enterprise that aims to support art (with a focus on visual arts) in our community and establish life long learning opportunities between participants.